Dr. Daniel J. Chartrand – Harmony Family Health

This is a reprint of our first article in the “Allen Family” Magazine.

The new office of Daniel J. Chartrand, MD recently opened in downtown Allen. His charming one-room office is located inside the picturesque Victorian Bacus-Brown house and has the feel of an old-fashioned medical practice. At Harmony Family Health, Dr. Chartrand hopes to offer an alternative to a fast-paced and impersonal medical system. He wants Harmony Family Health to be reminiscent of a small town medical practice with personal care and attention offered to each patient.

Dr. Chartrand trained in family practice and spent the past several years working in emergency medicine. Along with this solid background in western medicine, Dr. Chartrand has an interest in eastern philosophies as well. Dr. Chartrand is currently completing training in acupuncture at Harvard’s School of Medicine, in a course designed specifically for physicians trained in western medicine. They are proud to offer acupuncture at Harmony Family Health beginning in June 2008. This is one of only four courses in the country recognized by the American Academy of Acupuncture. Harmony Family Health was created with the idea of integrating Dr. Chartrand’s medical training with his philosophy on health and healing. This includes using pharmaceuticals and diagnostic testing when necessary as well as support measures to enhance the body’s natural healing ability.

Dr. Chartrand believes in the body’s natural ability to create and sustain health. He uses a holistic approach to patient care and looks at the whole person rather than a set of isolated symptoms. Dr. Chartrand seeks to support patients with care that complements their values and life goals. At Harmony Family Health each patient plays an active role in their personal health. One of the most striking examples of this is his policy on childhood vaccinations. Dr. Chartrand provides information and advice to his patients, but is happy to support parents in their decision to vaccinate or not.

Belying the old-fashioned appearance of his cozy office, Dr. Chartrand is able to cast broken bones and stitch lacerations right in the office. He also offers complete physicals, including EKG and blood work. Visitors may be surprised to learn that Dr. Chartrand has even made house calls as a service to his patients.

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