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McKinney Doctor’s Ambulatory Business Sign

This is a repost of a news piece done by Randy Mcilwain with NBC DFW Channel 5! A 41-year-old Cadillac ambulance points patients to physician's home-based practice Dr. Daniel Chartrand said all he ever wanted to be was small-town, country doctor. Burned out on working 24- and 48-hour shifts in emergency rooms, he opened a ... More

Do you accept health insurance?

We are out of network for all insurance companies. We ask our patients to pay us at the time of service. We will file your insurance claim for you with your insurance company. You will receive an "Explanation of Benefits" from your insurance company. You will be reimbursed directly by your insurance company depending upon your ... More

How do I pay for an office visit?

We ask that our patients pay us at the time of service. Additionally, we are able to offer procedures and diagnostic testing in the office, including stitching, casting, EKG, and lab work. The lab work is charged based on the individual test. Because Quest Diagnostic charges our practice directly for the lab work instead of ... More

What is your vaccination policy?

We believe that the decision to vaccinate children and infants is a personal choice. We seek to provide information and advice to support the informed decision of responsible parents. We seek to support your autonomy and provide care for your children with respect for your values and goals. We offer vaccine counseling for ... More

What if I need to go to the hospital?

Typically patients are admitted to the hospital through an emergency room. If it is determined that you would benefit from in-patient hospital care, your medical care will be assumed by a hospitalist. A hospitalist is a physician that does not have an office and therefore sees all of their patients in a hospital room. They are ... More

Do you offer acupuncture?

We are proud to offer acupuncture as an adjunct to conventional medical care. Dr. Chartrand completed his training in acupuncture at Harvard's School of Medicine, in a course designed specifically for physicians trained in western medicine. This is one of only four courses in the country recognized by the American Academy of ... More

How can acupuncture help me?

Acupuncture can be used to support overall health by enhancing the immune system and balancing the energy systems in the body. Acupuncture can also be used to successfully treat chronic and acute conditions for both children and adults, including: Asthma Allergies Seasonal colds Headache Sinus infection High ... More

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging is a new field of medicine based on the latest medical research on illness and aging. It is focused on increasing vitality and regaining the energy of youth by reversing the causes of aging at a chemical level. This is a multi-faceted approach using correct diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and when indicated, ... More