Good… and Good For You – McKinney Living (Feb 2010)

This article is an excerpt from the magazine McKinney Living. The article titled “Good… and Good for you” was written by Michele Stevens Bernard and was featured in the February 2010 issue.

…”Pollen in 40 percent protein,” says Daniel Chartrand, M.D., of McKinney who sometimes prescribes bee pollen for hi allergy patients,” using the same theory as with allergy shotes, starting six weeks before allergy season, some can begin a desensitization process, then continue to use throughout the allergy seasons.”

However, Dr. Chartrand explains, this treatment is not for all persons. It is not recommended for those with allergies to bees themselves. Another alternative for those with minor sniffles when the flowers are blooming is local honey.

“Make sure the honey is from your region,” says Shook.

“Buy raw and buy local. Know your beekeeper,” he recommends.

Like with bee pollen, Dr. Chartrand stresses the importance of beginning desensitization six weeks prior to the beginning of allergy season, then daily use thereafter…

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