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Harmony Family Health Holistic Services McKinney Texas
Acute Care

Emergency Care

We offer prompt care for acute illnesses and injuries. Same day visits are available. Dr. Chartrand is able to provide quality urgent and emergent care in the office. Dr. Chartrand has extensive emergency room experience and has worked in the emergency departments of many Texas hospitals, including Parkland Hospital and Children’s Medical Center. He is able to manage many emergencies in the office, including minor trauma, stitching of lacerations, casting of fractures, and administering IV fluids. Our office can use sedation to make our pediatric patients more comfortable during painful procedures such as laceration repairs and setting of fractures.

Fracture Care

Many fractures can be treated by family physicians. Dr. Chartrand treats many fractures in the office. Frequently, Dr. Chartrand uses a “waterproof” liner for his casts so his patients are more comfortable. Unlike conventional casts, these waterproof casts allow patients to bathe and swim while their bones heal.

Pediatric Care

Primary Care

We offer primary care for chronic childhood illnesses, including: asthma, diabetes, allergies, epilepsy, and reflux. Medications, supplements, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes may be part of the treatment plan.

Well-Child Exams

During our well-child exams we discuss the well-being of your child and the developmental milestones, but we also cover supplements, vaccines, and other parental concerns.


We offer a few select vaccinations as well as vaccine counseling for those who would like further information. We also offer an alternative vaccine schedule.

General Care

Primary Care

We offer primary care for chronic medical illnesses, including: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, emphysema, depression, and anxiety. Many times alternative therapies and supplements are used alongside the traditional medications.


We offer physicals and preventive care visits for adults of all ages. Dr. Chartrand focuses on long-term patient health and exploring different options to help patients with their individual goals. Many times an exercise program and a supplement/vitamin regimen are prescribed, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging is a new field of medicine based on the latest medical research on illness and aging. Returning hormones to their youthful and optimal levels can change your life. We offer consultations which include appropriate diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements. When indicated, Dr. Chartrand also treats patients with bio-identical hormone therapy.

Medical Weight Loss Therapy

The treatment of obesity is fundamental to a patient’s overall well-being. When traditional diets and exercise fail, medical weight loss can help. Medical weight loss therapy is less invasive than bariatric surgery and can have just as dramatic results. For patients who qualify, Dr. Chartrand offers counseling, medications, medical monitoring, and a dietician consultation.

Cardiac Stress Testing

Dr. Chartrand performs treadmill stress tests in the office. This test is not only used to evaluate chest pain, but to gauge exercise tolerance and fitness. This is part of our screening for cardiovascular disease and may be included as part of a wellness physical.

Laboratory Testing

We have contracted with Quest Diagnostics and Diagnos-Tech to deliver high quality labs to our patients. We offer saliva testing of hormones as well as routine blood and urine testing in the office.


Dr. Chartrand has special interest in dermatology and is proficient in skin procedures. He routinely performs biopsies of the skin and removes suspicious lesions and growths in the office. We have liquid nitrogen in the office and can freeze lesions as well.


Dr. Chartrand performs acupuncture for general wellness and as an adjunct to conventional treatments for chronic and acute conditions. Dr. Chartrand completed his training in acupuncture at Harvard’s School of Medicine in a course designed specifically for physicians. This is one of only four courses in the country recognized by the American Academy of Acupuncture. Learn More about Acupuncture in McKinney TX!

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Our office is located in McKinney, TX; providing Pediatric Care, Holistic Acupuncture, Anti-Aging, and General Internal Medicine to McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Allen, and all the surrounding communities in North Texas.