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Patient Testimonials

Daniel J. Chartrand, MD

Dr. Chartrand is amazing! He listens to everything you have to say and answers every single question you have! It is so hard to find a doctor that isn’t needle-happy! I had been searching for a doctor that would treat my 2 month old daughter despite my wishes to keep her unvaccinated, and luckily I found him! Our family lives all the way out in Mesquite and it’s a bit of a drive but to have a family doctor that is so open and so caring, the drive is worth it! I recommend this doctor to anyone who needs a physician that actually knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t sugar-coat things!


Dr. Chartrand is amazing! After years of frustration with several McKinney Doctors, we have been blessed to find a wonderful Physician that will actually spend more than 3 minutes with you! We trust no one else. For all of your health and wellness needs, Dr. Chartrand is your man, absolutely, positively, guaranteed!


Dr. Chartrand is truly holistic, in every sense of the word–I had tried 4 different pediatricians for my daughter before finding him, and didn’t feel like any of them listened to me or were able to have intelligent discussions with me (I am my daughter’s best advocate, and I refuse to just take anybody’s word about what is best for her). Plus, I’m a pediatric RN and realize that doctors don’t always have the right answers… Anyway, you leave with the feeling that he truly cares about you and your family and that if there’s something that he can’t treat or help you with, he takes it personally. You can’t find that ANYWHERE these days. And he is very accessible and definitely worth every penny. He has gone above and beyond for me and my daughter so many times already – I can’t say enough good things about the man.


We’ve taken our son to Dr. Chartrand several times and have nothing but good things to say. The office visits are relaxed and he spends a lot of time with us. He is not only very supportive of breastfeeding and respectful of our decision to not vaccinate, he is also a great resource on those topics as well. He is very thorough and one time even made a follow-up house call to check on our son. I am so glad we found a doctor who is supportive of a more natural and holistic approach to health; he’s a perfect fit for our family!


We found “Dr. Dan” here at Mamasource and could not possibly be happier. He understands that the body is more than the sum of its parts, and we feel truly confident that he is the man who will guide us for many years. Dr. Chartrand is worth every dollar of gas spent driving to Allen!


It took me years to find a doctor that I felt truly cared about my children and Dr. Chartrand is an answer to my prayers! He takes the time to get to know children and really LISTENS to what you are saying. He provides alternative natural solutions to problems rather than just prescribing drug after drug. However, his judgment is sound and should he recommend a drug I know that he has my child’s best interest in mind. He is knowledgeable, kind, concerned and AVAILABLE! You walk into his office and you see him, no nurses or no fill-in doctors. As a mother who does not immunize it was a huge deal for me to find a doctor who not only respected my decision, but actually helped me feel encouraged by my decision. Not only do my children see Dr. Chartrand, but my husband and myself do as well. We love him!!


Dr. Chartrand is absolutely amazing. He takes care of our family of 4, and we’ve never been healthier. He spends a lot of time with you on each appointment, and his approach is very personal and thorough. He is also easily accessible by phone or email, which is definitely a rarity in the medical field. I would highly recommend him.


I love this practice. I especially love taking my kids there. Dr. Chartrand is fantastic with little ones and I appreciate that he isn’t prescribing something every 5 minutes. I feel like he has a very balanced approach to health.


I’ll try to keep this short, but I have a lot to say about Dr. Chartrand! I started looking for a doctor for my family that would take a natural, balanced approach to medicine when my 3 month old became very sick and was hospitalized. I was not comfortable with the methods of short and long term treatments my Pediatrician was recommending for him… (lots of meds) I had almost given up the search for such a Doctor, then I heard about Dr. Chartrand. I am incredibly glad I gave him a call… my entire family has been seeing him for several months now and my baby hasn’t had to be on ANY meds since the first visit and is the picture of health as he is about to turn a year old this month! I also had no idea there were good alternatives to standard vaccinations and effective methods to treat illness without the overuse of antibiotics! I feel that Dr. Chartrand is a “diamond in the rough” and I am so thankful for him. Not only have we found great medical care for our family, he is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The gift of health is a priceless one, and Dr. Chartrand is part of that gift.


I would be thrilled to recommend Dr. Chartrand to any parent, without reserve. He is actually our family doctor. Our daughter’s first check-up was unlike any other doctor’s office experience. There is no staff that treats your child – just the doctor himself. We had a full 30 minutes of his undivided time, in which he was able to not only examine her, but was able to talk with us as parents, and observe how Emma interacted and adapted to her surroundings. Another thing I prize in a doctor is when they don’t talk down to you, but treat you as an intelligent human being. Dr. Chartrand has absolute respect for your position as parent, and esteems your right and ability to know your child best, and to ultimately make the best decision for their care. He provides excellent guidance, though!


Any time I’ve needed to schedule an appointment I have received an email or call back almost immediately, and have received the same attention to any questions I have regarding Emma’s health care. My husband and I are amazed that the cost for this superb care is so minimal, especially considering that our former pediatrician charged a whopping $285 for a 5-minute visit with her, and we were even cash pay! GO see Dr. Chartrand!


Dr. Chartrand is wonderful. He is now our family physician. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. Dr. Chartrand takes the time to get to know us and hat is important to me as Mom. He has alternative methods of healing, not just handing out a prescription and sending us on the way after a 2 minute exam. I was even able to get my husband to go! Dr. Chartrand has the small town doctor feel and is truly interested in each patient.


Our visit with Dr. Chartrand was a good experience for our 13 year old son. I highly recommend Dr. Chartrand for many reasons, one being he is open to a holistic approach. Dr. Chartrand treated our son with total respect and was very helpful with all the questions we had. His rates are also extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend Dr. Chartrand to those who are looking for a doctor for your children or anyone in your family. Check out their online site and see for yourself!


He treats me like an adult, guides me in taking charge of my own health, and yet he treats my 6 year old daughter like she’s, well, 6. He doesn’t jump to hard medications like antibiotics, etc. unless they’re absolutely necessary, but if they are he knows exactly what to prescribe for the best efficacy. Because of past experiences, my family does not trust doctors who over-medicate or prescribe by rote, and I consider his “holistic first” approach to be the most advanced form of modern family medicine. I hope Dr. Chartrand never moves away, because I would be hard-pressed to find a replacement!