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Our Philosophy

Dr. Chartrand believes in your body’s natural ability to create and sustain health. His goal is to provide care that benefits the entire person, not just to alleviate symptoms. As a result, Dr. Chartrand’s practice relies on a vision of integrated care. Prescribed medications are often coupled with diet and exercise programs, or even simple meditation. With most patients, the goal is to stop the medication once the lifestyle changes are sustainable.

General Internal Medicine

We offer primary care for adults of all ages, including: multiple in-office procedures, physicals, and treatment of chronic and acute illness. For patients seeing multiple doctors, we will also coordinate care between specialists.

Pediatric Care

We offer comprehensive child care for newborns and children of all ages, including: well-child care, treatment of acute and chronic illness, and care of minor injuries.

Emergency Care

Dr. Chartrand has extensive emergency room experience. His office is capable of managing many medical emergencies, including: stitching, setting fractures, casting, and administering IV fluids.

Office Surgery

Dr. Chartrand is proficient in many office surgeries, including mole/lesion removal, in-grown toenail removal, and emergency stitches. He can also set broken bones in the office.


Dr. Chartrand offers acupuncture both for general wellness and as an adjunct to conventional treatments for chronic and acute conditions.

Anti-Aging Medicine

We offer an anti-aging strategy that includes diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, and bio-identical hormone therapy to return you to a state of optimal vitality. This is an individualized program tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

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About Dr. Chartrand

Dr. Daniel J. Chartrand

Dr. Chartrand was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. He graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 2002. He attended the University of Texas Southwestern Family Medicine residency program and trained at Parkland Hospital, Saint Paul University Hospital, and Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. For five years Dr. Chartrand worked as an emergency room physician. He has worked in many Texas emergency rooms including the hospitals in Graham, Glen Rose, and Wichita Falls. Dr. Chartrand completed his training in acupuncture at Harvard’s School of Medicine in a course designed specifically for physicians trained in Western medicine.

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